White Fence Shares New Album Details

White Fence share details of upcoming 'Live In San Francisco Album'

White Fence is one of those bands that, for the most part is completely different live than on their recordings. Tim Presley records at home, has never done a proper studio LP as White Fence, but his live sets are blistering, scorching rock ‘n roll, as evidenced on this, the band’s first proper live LP. A great document of one of the best live bands currently operating, courtesy of Castle Face as they launch their new live LP series. There’s a damn good reason they launched it with White Fence.

Everyone with any degree of hearing loss knows that, at its best, the loose and shaggy beast of a band balancing on the crest of their capabilities is the ideal, the firefly that all records aspire to capture in a jar for your repetitive pleasures. The live record promises better, but somehow most fall flatter than the painstakingly refined and honed tones of a studio creation. Who better to try to right this wrong than a bunch of home friers, 4 track freaks, and DIY gear-cookers? John Dwyer had the idea of recording our friends live with his Tascam 388 and it rapidly galvanized into a real crew of heavy hitters and voila, we come bearing the fruit of that unholy union…

WHITE FENCE throw a fork in the light socket with their blistering live set, captured in all it’s ragged glory to tape on Thee Tascam 388 under the sternly masterful yet tender care of low-budget luminaries Eric Bauer, Chris Woodhouse, Bob Marshall, and of course, our own John Dwyer. They were screaming out of the speakers that night and we kept it safe in a jar for you, undiluted and unsullied. This and the whole series will be packaged in handsome but simple trappings – a thick gloss jacket featuring black and white photos of the evening (shot to film!) that you can marvel to in envy as the jams pour out of your speaks and into infinity. However, this being the first of (we hope) a long and fruitful series, we’re offering a limited colored vinyl edition that will feature an alternate lenticular cover, catching the band eternally between two instants of an amazing night at a tiny club full of sweaty, lucky souls.

Tim Presley – vocals, guitar, songs
Jack Adams – Guitar
Sean Presley – Guitar
Jared Everett – Bass
Nick Murray – Drums

WHITE FENCE – Live In San Francisco, available from Castle Face November 5th on LP & digital.

Track List:

01. Backwards
02. Swagger Vets And Double Moon
03. Mr Adams/Who Feels Right?
04. Baxter Corner
05. The Pool
06. Harness
07. Lizards First
08. Chairs In The Dark
09. Tame
10. Pink Gorilla
11. Enthusiasm
12. Be Right Too
13. Breathe Again


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