“Whirlpool” By Jane Paknia

“Whirlpool” By Jane Paknia is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the artist's album Orchid Underneath
Jane Paknia photo by Ella Smolarz

Jane Paknia announces the release of her debut album Orchid Underneath, the multi-artist’s EP drops on April 26th via Eat Your Own Ears Recordings and Everybody’s Records. Ahead of the album’s release, she has shared the track “Whirlpool.” Earlier singles included “Glimmers” and “Plasma Princess.”

Paknia shared the inspirations behind the track: “I see ‘Whirlpool’ as a dark and liquid world of its own—it has moments of hi-def beauty and glimmer amidst a really moody and mysterious sludge. The groove came first: minor chords, time shifts, key changes–in its conception it’s a song that’s funky and strange. I just loved the process of production, working with Previn and John to create something so simultaneously pretty and scary, ethereal and gritty. That duality gives me life and gives character and shape to the music I’m trying to create.

“I wrote the lyrics looking back on plans I had made—plans to see the sun rise on the last leap day with a friend I had a difficult falling out with afterward…I imagined seeing dawn through a glass door and the confusion and pain when it cracks and is no longer see-through. At the time, about two years ago, I was pulling myself out of and getting sucked back into so much heartbreak, self-doubt, and this broken vision of the future. I’ve grown so much since then and I’ve gotten to see myself and my music take shape and blossom—it’s really powerful and circular to me that it’s being released on a leap day again, where I’ve seen so much more and found so much new hope.”

Equally mesmerizing, Orchid Underneath pulls listeners further into Paknia’s free-form world, where pop, techno, and jazz coalesce in beguiling compositions. Brainfeeder, a longtime influence on Paknia, shows its significance across the project, with jazz percussion and saxophones placed against galactic, sci-fi electronic sounds. Meanwhile, Paknia’s love of dance music and vocalists like Caroline Polachek shines through on the synthpop romp of the title track.

Jane Paknia
Orchid Underneath

1. Intro / Surrender
2. Orchid Underneath
3. Glimmers
4. Whirlpool
5. Interlude / Deep Below
6. Phantasm
7. Gems
8. Plasma Princess

Pre-order Orchid Underneath by Jane Paknia HERE


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