“When The Night Calls” By Blood Cultures

The below is Quoted from Blood Cultures Bio:

Coming from a family of Pakistani immigrants, Blood Cultures have long navigated challenges spurred on by times of general ignorance, lack of representation, and consistent negative depictions of their people, culture, and religion. The best way they know how to address these issues is by telling their story through their music and fashion – encouraging others to do the same in order to combat the ignorance that undeniably remains in today’s social climate.

From inception, Blood Cultures has been a project centered around anonymity, but they have begun to lift the veil in honor of their Pakistani-American heritage. It is with the amplified importance of black and brown representation in the arts that a reimagination of the project was set forth, embracing their identity and personal journey as a consequence.

Throughout the Blood Cultures universe is a series of images portraying Blood Cultures wearing a burka and suit side by side, a simultaneous defiance and juxtaposition of the gender and cultural norms that persist in both eastern and western cultures. In doing this, BC hopes to harness the provocative nature of fashion in order to tell their own multi-cultural and non-binary story. These outfits and imagery take on topics of western toxic masculinity and eastern feminine oppression – both of which are topics that Blood Cultures is keen to talk about in detail.

Blood Cultures’ new LP LUNO, deals with the internal exploration of darkness and the growth that comes with self-acceptance. LUNO’s tracks themselves range from softly strumming guitars and shimmering synthesizers heard in tracks like “Set It On Fire” to the jarring, tumultuous rhythms of the experimental “Beneath The Moon & Me”, to the dark-indie electronic sonics of “When The Night Calls” and “Keeps Bringing Me Back”.


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