Vákoum Debut Video For “Spark”

New York City duo Vákoum Debut Video For "Spark." The track is off the New York City duo's forthcoming release Lynch Point
Vákoum "Spark"

Inspired by the music of Cocteau Twins, the Legendary Pink Dots, Bjork, Dead Can Dance, and more. New York City duo Vákoum is comprised of instrumentalists, composers and producers Natalia and Kelli Rudick-Padilla. Vákoum is scheduled to release their full length album Linchpin in 2021. Ahead of the album’s release, they have shared a new video for “Spark.”

From Vákoum:

“Spark is a documentation of volatile emotional states and an encounter with the ego and its blindness. Its an observation of the dynamic that exists between two people, and a juxtaposition of self- destructive thoughts and a memory of an unconditional love. It’s an eternal longing for transformation and the exhaustion that is caused by the incessant effort to restore what lives beneath the layers.

Vákoum’s 20 years of playing guitar and multi effect processing and synthesis, brought them together at “The End” —Greenpoint’s hub for creatives in Brooklyn during a guitar clinic. Since then their craft has evolved through subconscious intuition, creating a sonic mirror that redefines a system of music as an emotive dialogue that was written for each other and accentuated by each other, instilling a deeper connection to self and a shared relationship.

The duo’s sound, an anxious beauty of mood swings that shape a profound mindset. The unexpected transitions described through carefully selected sonic processing are met with effected guitars, a blend of strong acoustic and original electronic drum beats complete with a touch of Bulgarian – inspired vocal lines.

Director Adrián Landeros on the video for “Spark:”

“The malleable nature of memories allows for their artistic expression to be subjective. The nature of this subjectivity draws out of each viewer a unique collection of secrets hidden in the depths of their own psyche.

Independently of what they represent, these treasures of the soul and haunting entities inspire the viewer to experience the narrative with tabula rasa eyes, aligning them with the present moment.

This film is an intimate collaboration between artists that share the common interest of creating new possibilities to express various abstract states of the human condition. This collective work was driven by the fearlessness of the unknown, the true essence of the words, the rhythm and the images that make this piece alive.”


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