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Confess is not a complex album that will coke up your senses. Confess does not have convoluted lyrics that will keep you deciphering for years to come. Confess hasn’t the experimentation desired nowadays from fresh indie demigods. Twin Shadow’s latest LP out July 9th is not, despite all intent, a modern piece that will be remembered as a milestone in the contemporaneous music trends of our great Western civilization.

What Twin Shadow (George Lewis Jr) has achieved here with Confess is a straightforward synth-pop masterpiece. It is what it is, accessible, honest and with every track that familiar resemblance of that 80s hit that you love except with Twin Shadow velvet voice. Its influences read like a new wave greatest hits compilation.

Twin Shadow’s feat is creating this modern classic by not reinventing but rather filtering the glam out of compositions and infusing enough pop to make Confess a clear winner amongst the avalanche of recent synth driven acts.The power pop dance track 5 Seconds is the albums first single out and it stands perfectly captured in the recently released music video based in his self-penned novel. It has the power of a well crafted dance hit without folding to the club masses by staying obscure and nocturne enough to remind us of Drive’s epic
2011 OST. Sappy lyrics that roll out with an anthemic vitality, catchy disco beat that makes non-movement unbearable, open to all ages and guaranteed to persevere in our collective memory this summer.

Golden Light is not a panoramic song, but a close up on what will be a specific and quite simple tone of sounds, experiences, and gestures thematic throughout this 10-track piece. The record never lingers far off its own horizon; it stays close, personal and intimate. True to its name.Each song provides a pleasant surprise that only adds to general mood of the album. There is some storytelling worth noting in I Don’t Care, with its turns and vibrations, an urban story all too familiar, universal and adequately full of neon much like You Call on Me. In this case, the compositions that departing a more creative fashion from what is expected from this act, there is a distinctive vision that places him at a higher tier of artists. Soundscapes and layers are most
prominent and sensible in the ballad Be Mine Tonight and subsequent hidden track.

Twin Shadow returns to champion a hip indie class on the East Coast, justly and with a newfound sense of his own. Just don’t be afraid to turn up the volume a little higher, his voice will do the rest.

chris kummerfeldt

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