“Tough Trust” By Michael the Band

Seattle group Michael the Band, are inspired by the sounds of David Bowie, The Cure, and Peter Gabriel and more. Formed by longtime friends, collaborators, and studio soulmates Mike Vernon Davis and Harry Michael Smith, Michael the Band put it all out there with their upcoming album Tough Trust, which drops on September 29th, the band play a release show the same night in Seattle.

Tough Trust’s story begins as the pair went into the studio with the intention to work on a b-side for their 2022 self-titled debut, except they left with the makings of an entire album instead.

From tackling debt to owning up to the truth and embracing self-improvement, “Tough Trust” is an anthem of resilience––”with tight bonds and tough trust, we can get through these hard things in life and use them as fuel to become excellent,” Harry says of the track’s meaning. His soaring vocal performance is surrounded by waves of atmospheric synth and lush guitars, a mid-tempo celebration of the unbreakable bonds that carry us through life’s toughest trials.

Producer/multi-instrumentalist Mike Vernon Davis helped shape Pool Kids’ self-titled 2022 LP and Great Grandpa’s 2019 breakout, Four of Arrows. He’s worked with producer Steve Fisk, cut his teeth at Modest Mouse‘s Ice Cream Party studio, and cold-called himself into a primary engineer gig at Chris Walla‘s Hall Of Justice in Seattle, WA.

His counterpart, Harry Michael Smith, is an enigmatic, spiritual wanderer, and a stalwart of the Seattle indie scene. As a skilled designer / contractor, Harry has had an instrumental role in physically building the infrastructure of the Seattle music production community, one studio at a time: notably Andy Park’s The Crumb and Trevor Spencer’s The Way Out. Later, they added James Michael Kasinger to complete this vision of Michaels.

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