Toro Y Moi release archival 7″ box set

Toro Y Moi to release archival 7″ box set

Download a previously unreleased song from 2009

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Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi’s first commercial release, the “Blessa” single, introduced the world to Chaz Bundick’s brand of introspective, atmospheric pop music, and while the A-side wound up laying the framework for his debut, Causers Of This, backing track, “109”, hinted at a side of his music having more in common with the oddball pop of Ariel Pink than any of Causers’ reference points. as it turns out, around the same time he was experimenting with music software and sampling, Bundick was recording a slew of short and sweet lo-fi tracks chronicling his version of college grad indecision. Now, after two albums, an EP, loads of tour dates, and a move to Berkeley, CA, these songs still mean a lot to him, and they’re collected on the retrospective set titled June 2009.

Originally part of the tour-only CD-R of the same name, June 2009 feels like a peek inside the mind of an artist not knowing where to turn once stripped of the structure of school life. He struggles with good friends moving away (“Sad Sams”), the pressing feeling that a move to New York is a necessary career move (“Take The L To Leave”), and the fear that simple pleasures have become a thing of the past (“Ektelon”). But more than nostalgic yearnings for the recent past, the songs are like journal entries- as commemorative as they are therapeutic. Elsewhere, tracks like “Girl Problems” and “Dead Pontoon” show
how his first album might have sounded if “109” had been that first single’s A-side, with reverb-soaked, angular guitar riffs serving as focal points of the power-pop periphery. Also included is an early version of Causers standout “Talamak,” one of his first cuts to make the blog rounds and an interesting insight into the process of reformatting his work to fit with the album. Closer “New Loved Ones” sees Bundick in a rare, intimate environment, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar and in the throes of love lost. With songs varied in style but bound together by their personal subject matter, June 2009 is a portrait of a young man unknowingly on the cusp of a fruitful career.


February 4th – Melbourne, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 5th – Sydney, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 8th – Sydney, AUS @ Manning Bar with Washed Out
February 9th – Melbourne, AUS @ Hi Fi Bar & Ballroom with Washed Out
February 10th – Adelaide, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 11th – Perth, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 12th – Singapore, SP @ Laneway Festival
February 14th – Taipei, TW @ The Wall Livehouse
February 15th – Manila, PH @ Hard Rock Cafe
February 17th – Seoul, KR @ V Hall
February 19th – Tokyo, JP @ Yebisu Garden Hall

Toro Y Moi
June 2009
Street Date: April 24, 2012
7” vinyl box set / CD / digital

Disc 1
Side A
1. Best Around
Side B
2. Take The L To Leave

Disc 2
Side A
1. Girl Problems
Side B
2. Dead Pontoon

Disc 3
Side A
1. Ektelon
Side B
2. Drive South

Disc 4
Side A
1. Sad Sams
Side B
2. Talamak (First Version)

Disc 5
Side A
1. Warm Frames
Side B
2. New Loved Ones


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