Tiny Hearts reveal “Snow Cold” video

Tiny Hearts reveal new video for their single "Snow Cold". "Stay" EP from Tiny Hearts is now available. The band will play upcoming shows at the SXSW.


Dede from Tiny Hearts had this to say about it: “The video documents a journey of a character from the depths of an underground garage to the edge of civilization. The dreamlike bokeh offers a study in binary sequence as the simple code and structure of a technologically advanced society. Lights blink off and on, smeared and unfocused, bubbling and reflecting the buzzing analog synthesis of the music.”

The comrades of Tiny Hearts (Waajeed, Dede Reynolds, Tim K) met at a bar beneath the J train in New York City. Cadillac margaritas and invisible hands pushed the three to a southside basement for a late night listening session. Resulting remixes led to original mixes, and the group was formed. The result: a reflection of intention.

Waajeed, a founding member of Detroit’s Slum Village and Platinum Pied Pipers, was in a period of deep introspection when he met Brooklyn duo DEDE (Dede Reynolds and Tim K). As a key figure in the collaboration, he shapes the sonic palette now known as Tiny Hearts. Tim K is a jazz-trained producer and composer bringing a unique melodic sensibility and lyrical identity to the Hearts. He is the glue of the trio. Dede Reynolds, a nomadic chanteuse, contributes her icy pure vocal texture, creating the stark contrast to Waajeed’s gritty tracks that defines the sound. Her love of French pop, vintage fashion and Italian horror shapes the auditory and visual representation of the band.

Tiny Hearts – Stay EP  tracklist:
01. “Stay” – share
02. “Centerfold”
03. “Snow Cold”
04. “Calling” 


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