“The Mouth” By Casper Skulls

Casper Skulls have shared “The Mouth,” a single off the Toronto band’s forthcoming release Knows No Kindness, due out on November 12, via Next Door Records (The Weather Station, Ada Lea). Knows No Kindness is a deeply personal body of work for the band, in particular St-Pierre who tells stories of her life growing up in small-town Northern Ontario, specifically Sudbury and Massey. This new song reminisces on a park called The Mouth Park in Massey where the Spanish and Sauble rivers meet; it was a spot that was regularly frequented by St-Pierre as a child following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother who used to go when they were growing up.

Speaking about the track, Melanie says: “The park has a bit of a legacy in my family. My grandmother used to take my mother swimming there when she was young, and later my mother would take my sister and me. Every spring hundreds of trilliums grow along the dirt road leading to the park. The protest pictured in our album art, of which my grandmother was a big part, helped save the area from having nuclear waste dumped into it. I’m very grateful for this area and go often to check on it and sometimes bird watch.”

Casper Skulls
Knows No Kindness
Next Door Records

1. Tommy
2. Thesis
3. Ouija
4. Witness
5. Rose of Jericho
6. Proem
7. Knows No Kindness
8. Monument
9. The Mouth
10. Stay The Same

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