“Surprise Yourself” by Mary Epworth

"Surprise Yourself" by Mary Epworth is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

Sunday Best recently announced the second single from Mary Epworth, “Surprise Yourself”, off her forthcoming release Elytral, the track is described as a high-saturation oscillator-pop song about freedom from your own pre-conceived limitations, the great mysteries of life and death, and clouds. Mary expands on this:

“The making of Elytral started with what was probably writer’s block. I felt stymied by my own expectations that what I had to write had to be important, life changing, or the greatest thing anyone would ever hear. I was stuck and felt powerless to create any new songs.
Eventually I started to tinker with the bits of music that had been popping into my head, just treating it as play. I became out of my depth creatively, playing instruments I don’t usually play, relying less on other people to flesh things out and tell me that they made sense. I felt totally free as to where the song went. So this is a song about that process of freeing yourself from your own self-imposed limitations.

I love the sense of space, and space travel through clouds is what I see when I hear it. ‘No judgement, no fear, you can surprise yourself’ is a kind of pep talk to myself about being bold, and leaping into new and unknown directions.

The song pushes the themes of change and transformation further, where I picture myself floating up into space through a sunset, or jumping from the cosmos down towards earth, a point of no return.

It’s also a metaphor for the ultimate leap of faith into what happens after life. Not focusing on what actually lies beyond, what a person will actually experience at the end of the life-trip, but what it feels like to be at the precipice of a change and just saying ‘OK, here we go!’”

Mary Epworth

1. Gone Rogue
2. Last Night
3. Me Swimming
4. Watching The Sun Go Down
5. One Big Wave
6. Bring Me The Fever
7. Burned It Down
8. Towards The Dawn
9. Lost Everything
10. Surprise Yourself