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Vondelpark stream new song

Vondelpark is made up of three childhood friends — Lewis Rainsbury (vocals, production, bass, guitar, keys), Alex Bailey (bass) and Matt Law (keys) — all 22 or 23 years of age, living together in close quarters in London. Over the past couple of years the trio have developed their sound from those tentative first steps of Sauna into something that sounds excitingly bold and intuitive on their debut album, Seabed.

Rainsbury describes Vondelpark’s recording process as quite insular, often spending days seeing no other people, “that’s where the name comes from, we didn’t feel like we existed in the real world, it felt like we were hiding in a seabed.” That submerged atmosphere comes across on the album, replacing the airiness of Vondelpark’s early bedroom recordings for something slightly grander, but still intensely inward-looking. The biggest shift comes in the loose feel to some of these songs. On songs like “Dracula,” it no longer sounds like the work of one person in a bedroom. Instead, there’s a collaborative feel to the rhythms and playing, helping imbue the record with a real sense of life.

Vondelpark’s Seabed is out April 2nd on R&S Records. Listen to album track “California Analog Dream” and the brand new Bullion remix below.

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