Starita Debuts Visualizer For “Love & Pain”

Starita has shared a visualizer for "Love & Pain" Featuring Trent Park and Guitarist Michael Hays. The song is out today via Be Still Records
Starita photo by Tam Starita

Starita has shared a new visualizer for “Love & Pain” Featuring Singer/Songwriter Trent Park and Guitarist Michael Hays. The track will be released Via Be Still Records. The multi-artist is Known for collaborations with Childish Gambino, A Tribe Called Quest, and many others, his music blends electronic elements with live instrumentation that stems from his deep roots in dance, ambient, and classical music. “Love & Pain,” with it’s lush vocals and smooth beats, transcend you to a better place.

“Love & Pain,” features singer/songwriter Trent Park and American musician and guitarist Michael Hays, is the fifth single release from Starita’s new compositional ambient, avant-garde, experimental album, The Wake Up Call, described as “a body of work that expresses his journey of introspection across the various stages of the human experience (from openness and curiosity in childhood to pain, closure, resistance, and darkness in adulthood), leading to awareness, acceptance, and awakening on the search for peace and freedom.” “Everything about this album elicits the awakening to our true nature and listening to ‘the Spirit,’” says Starita.

“This is a downtempo, groove oriented, and vibey tune that catapults off of its placement in the sequence of the album. Each track of the album is intended to act as an individual piece of music that weaves together the full story of life. The message behind the song speaks to the paradoxical pairing of LOVE and PAIN. While love is highly sought after and carries with it all the emotions of bliss and euphoria, in contrast, pain is avoided at all costs but comes along as a package deal. These two strong emotions – finding love and the cessation of pain – drive our human existence,” Starita shares.

“To create the progression, of the guitar parts I gave Starita, the tremolo bar played heavily into this track. I was feeling a groovy vibe that needed translation. I wanted the guitar parts to possess a meditative, mellow, and peaceful vibe as well as convey the sentiment of the passage of time, the serene ripples of the water, and musical rumination. Love and pain, that’s life, right? This is musical cinema for viewing everything from a distance and letting it happen. So, the sound I created needed to capture the essence of levitation, astral projection, and arpeggiating meditation. That sound has to softly transcend suffering with each waveform, emote acceptance, and peace. What I feel is distinctive with this song is that it lures the listener into a meditative trance that feels warm and peaceful,” Hays reflects.

Starita, along with collaborating artists, will be hosting an online premiere celebration of this track on Friday, June 18, 2021. For a complete list of upcoming performances and events, visit


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