Squid Share New Single “The Cleaner”

UK band Squid debut new single "The Cleaner"
Squid "The Cleaner"

UK quintet Squid have shard their new single “The Cleaner,” along with the news of a new EP entitled Town Centre. The album will be available on September 6th, and the debut track via producer Dan Carey’s (Black Midi, Puma Rosa, Pixx) new label Speedy Wunderground.

From the band:

“The Cleaner is a lost acquaintance, one that we’ve spent the last year trying to get to know… tirelessly working and turning up whenever needed. We work for the money to spend our time doing other things. The Cleaner imagines the divided work and play structure and thinks about breaking from it.”

Dan Carey on Squid and The Cleaner:“I love Squid so much. To record with them is such a joy – the room is a sea of ideas and enthusiasm without any clashes of ego; every suggestion is given full attention. This, combined with their musicianship results in beautifully inventive music, underpinned by a hard steady groove and topped with lyrics that are important and surreal. When I first saw squid I was blown away. In the middle of being blown away , they played The Cleaner. In the middle of The Cleaner I was blown away by the middle bit of The Cleaner. So I was 3 levels down , and I thought ‘Yes…Squid”

Town Centre
Speedy Wunderground
Track listing

1. Savage
2. Match Bet
3. The Cleaner
4. Rodeo.

Live Dates:

7/19/2019 – Bluedot, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire, UK
7/21/2019 – Latitude, Suffolk, UK
8/2/2019 – Neverworld, Kent, UK
8/3/2019 – The Three Wheel Drive Festival, Andover, UK
8/3/2019 – Visions Festival, London, UK
8/16/2019 – Green Man, Wales, UK
8/22/2019 – The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, UK
8/23/2019 – Future Yards, Liverpool, UK
8/24/2019 – This Must Be The Place, Leeds, UK
8/29/2019 – Into The Great Wide Open, Netherlands
8/30/2019 – Knee Deep, Cornwall, UK
8/31 – 9/1 – End of the Road 2019, Salisbury, UK
9/6/2019 – Krankenhaus Festival, Cumbria, UK
9/13/2019 – Leffingeleuren, Leffinge, Belgium
9/14/2019 – Hop Pop Hop, Orléans, France
9/16/2019 – Muziekodroom, Hasselt. Belgium
9/17/2019- Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands
9/18 – 9/21 – Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany
10/12/2019 – Tenement Trail, Glasgow, UK
10/19/2019 – Future Days, Birmingham, UK
10/19/2019 – Simple Things, Bristol, UK
10/20/2019 – Swn Festival, Cardiff, UK
10/21/2019 – The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK
10/22/2019- Yes, Manchester, UK
10/23/2019 – The Picture House, Sheffield, UK
10/24/2019 – Elsewhere, Margate, UK
10/25/2019 – London Calling, Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/27/2019 Tunbridge Wells Forum, Tunbridge Wells, UK
11/1/2019 – Pitchfork Paris, Paris, France
11/6/2019- Village Underground, London, UK with Warmduscher
11/ 8 – 11/9 – Primavera 20th Anniversary Weekender, Benidorm, Spain
11/10/2019 – Sonic City, Kortrijk, Belgium


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