Solid Gold Announce New LP || ‘Eat Your Young’ Out 10/23 On Totally Gross National Product

Solid Gold frontman Zach Coulter and bassist Adam Hurlburt wrote the first ever Gayngs’ song, “The Gaudy Side of Town”, with Ryan Olson back in 2009. The three met in Minneapolis after Solid Gold’s debut album, Bodies of Water, gained critical acclaim abroad, and in the Midwest.

Zach, as well as bassist Adam Hurlburt, proceeded to record and tour with Gayngs’ for several years before focusing their efforts on Solid Gold. Over two years later, their second full length album, Eat Your Young, is being released on Olson’s Minneapolis-based label, Totally Gross National Product, home of Marijuana Deathsquads and original label of Gayngs’ affiliate, Poliça.

Eat Your Young Tracklisting

1. Shock Notice
2. Six Days
3. The Pendulum
4. Nice Flight
5. All The Way Until It Stops
6. Sold God
7. Eat Your Young
8. Laugh It Up
9. Elephants
10. In The Hollows


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