Soft Serve stream new album

Soft Serve are streaming their new self-titled release

Soft Serve are streaming their new self-titled latest release. With mixing by Jay Arner (Mint Records), mastering from Josh Stevenson (Destroyer, White Lung) and art design by Richard MacFarlane (1080p). This retro-future approach brings clean and present vocals to the fore with guitars bright and shimmering. Songs lyrically touch on everything from family dynamics, personal mantras, staying behind while the rest travel the world, to the disdain for the boomer generation. Hints of Felt, the Clean, Josef K, Go-Betweens, Feelies and Orange Juice can be found when looking, but this is not a throwback by any means. The songs find themselves grounded in the present state of rock music with a sentiment.

Soft Serve started scattered in other bands playing in the same Vancouver music scene that brought attention to Mac DeMarco, Walter TV, The Courtneys and White Poppy, among others. Soft Serve’s members keep busy in other musical projects that consist of bands like Milk/Watermelon (guitarist Thom Lougheed), Village (bassist Alex Smith) to soundtracking films and electronic experimentation (Chad Neufeld). With busy adult life commitments, Soft Serve still finds time to get together and make recordings as an escape of the mundane and as way to enjoy the company of friends.

-Kyle Thiessen – guitar, vocals
-Thom Lougheed – guitar
-Chad Neufeld- drums, keys
-Alex Smith – bass