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Snail Mail

With the release of the debut Snail Mail album, Lush, in 2018, Lindsay Jordan was instantly catapulted onto a worldwide stage. Her songs are heartbreakingly wonderful and the album showcased a talent well beyond their years. That record was no fluke. On her new album, Valentine out tomorrow via Matador Records, Jordan steps the production up considerably from the toned down Lush but without sacrificing her sharp songwriting skills.

In fact Jordan, and co producer Brad Cook, have not only amplified that her songs arrangements, synths and strings make for some very welcome appearances here, but with the added production, amplified that heartbreak that has come associated with Jordan’s songwriting. The album tackles all aspects of the highs and lows of being in and out of love and it comes off as quite the huge statement from this amazing up and coming artist.

In the chorus of the massive sounding title track, Jordan sings, “So why’d you wanna erase me, darling valentine?/You’ll always know where to find me when you change your mind” and its intent is as wonderfully sad as you’d imagine. This track is the perfect introduction to the album. Coming right out the gates with airy synths just floating underneath Jordan’s vocals before a languid drum beat and arpeggiated guitar come in before it all explodes into a wildly gigantic chorus. It’s an amazing set up for what is to come. The next track, and album’s second single, “Ben Franklin” pushes Jordan even further sonically. All held together by a big drum break, Jordan sings, “Sucker for the pain, huh, honey?/But you said you’d die/You wanna leavе a stain forever/But you said you’d die/Said you would’vе died for me” over brilliantly coloured synths and the effect is one of the better dance tracks to cry to that has come out in a long while. “c. Et al.” harkens back more to the Snail Mail we were all first introduced to. Jordan’s vocals fill up the space as her sparse guitar lines float beautifully around every word.

Jordan has certainly had a million experiences since her debut album came out. Not only as an artist but just by being at that point in your life when you are growing so much everyday as a person. As she sings on “Valentine”, “You won’t believe what just two months do/I’m older now, believe mе” and even with just an initial listen of Valentine you hear that truth implicitly.

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