Silver Firs Debut “Icarus” Track +Video

Silver Firs Debut Icarus track and video. their new album ep#2 will be out august 8th on oh, sister records
Silver Firs release Icarus

The silver fir  is a common but somewhat underrated tree in the Swiss Prealps, where all members of this (identically named) band grew up. Although its wood isn’t very popular and its glory days as the star amongst Christmas trees are long gone, the silver fir holds its ground and characterizes the subalpine landscape.

But let’s be honest, as much as Switzerland is a suitable habitat for firs, it isn’t really known for a rich musical output. Silver Firs found this starting point quite comfortable. Without having to relate to a strong musical heritage, the band’s influences were much more global from the beginning. At the same time, coming from the  small city of Bern and not from one of the more obvious music capitals, their sound isn’t easy to categorize.

It took Silver Firs awhile to come up with their consecutive EP#2. A lot of time was invested in experimenting with percussion sounds & production techniques, never forgetting the pop side in their creations. At times, Silver Firs’ output could be described as afro-wave (“Heartland”), while other songs sound like psychedelic cocktail bar music (“Silent Rite”). In contrast to the summer evening vibes of the melodies, the cryptic lyrics seem to hint at the current contradictions of their home country.

In the meantime, Switzerland has discovered their qualities too. Out of the blue, Silver Firs were booked for the country’s biggest festival «Paléo», where they played with bands like The National or favorites Tinariwen.


Silver Firs

EP #2

Release Date: August 8, 2014


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