Sarah Bonito Announces New Project Cryalot

Kero Kero Bonito's Sarah Bonito Announces new project CRYALOT, with the first single "Hell Is Here," now available via AWAL and DSPs
Kero Kero Bonito's Sarah Bonito Announces new project Cryalot, with the first single "Hell Is Here," now available via AWAL and DSPs

Cryalot is the solo project from Sarah Bonito, from Kero Kero Bonito. Today, she has shared the debut single “Hell Is Here,” lifted from Cryalot’s debut EP Icarus, available August 26th via AWAL. After rising to fame for the signature colourful art-pop Kero Kero Bonito became synonymous with, her new output stands in stark contrast. This introduction to the visceral world of Cryalot sets the groundwork for a darker universe than seen before.

Produced by Jennifer Walton, debut single “Hell Is Here” draws from certain aesthetics of black metal with synths that evolve into warped guitars and Sarah’s screams echoing powerfully through the track. Sarah wrote the lyrics during a dark period in her life, harnessing the feelings of the remote reality she was stuck in. Sarah and Jennifer’s relationship stems back to Kero Kero Bonito, who Jennifer joined as a live member from 2018-2020. The brooding accompanying visuals were directed by Joshua Homer.

“Hell is Here is about defeat; it depicts the part of the Icarus story after he descends into the sea.” shares Sarah, “It explores this feeling of despair and powerlessness. Our world can twist so suddenly into a place where our reasons to live bring us no joy anymore. Nothing is the same… and it won’t be the same again. Hell is not below us, it’s here.”

Sarah originally learnt the tale of Icarus from a songbook at school. However, this version’s interpretation was a celebration of Icarus’ courage in his moment of glory rather than the usual cautionary tale about the fate of man overreaching his limits. Sarah was instantly drawn to this interpretation which showed her a view of the world where, instead of being tied down by the risks of flight, we soar the sky as we become something more. The ‘Icarus’ EP explores the success and failures of attempting to do so.

Hell Is Here Video Credits:

Director: Joshua Homer

DoP: Anna Gudbrandsdottir

Make Up: Echo Seireeni

Make Up: Hannah Isobel Busst

Hair Stylist: Jamie Keegan

First Assistant Camera: Niels Halle

Gaffer: Paige Fisher

Gafffer: Edward Heredia

Spark: Alexander Strachan

Colourist: Gianpiero Formisano – IMGN Studio

Set Build: Charlie Haslam – Bench Studio

BTS: Dexter Thrower


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