Royal Headache


The four fellows in Sydney’s Royal Headache, Law (guitar), Joe (bass), Shorty (drums) and the effortlessly charismatic Shogun (vocals), have emerged as Australia’s foremost new soul rebels. After a youth spent earning their stripes in the punk and hardcore scene, Royal Headache came together in 2008 over a mutual love of the urgency and melody associated with the classic sounds of 60’s mod and 70s punk and powerpop. They craft tight, irresistible, R&B-inflected punk songs, and hone a universal message of redemption through passion. Their debut, self-titled album, produced by Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Mikey Young and Straight Arrows’ Owen Penglis, combines the pacing and discipline of years in the punk trenches with the unrefined anguish of fresh heartbreak. It’s noise-rock for anyone not made of stone. After releasing this album late last year in Australia on R.I.P. Society, it’s time the Northern Hemisphere got to know Royal Headache.

Royal Headache focus on the basic elements – a beat, a hook, pure power – and patent their own brand of reverb-laden, fuzzed out garage rock with the heartfelt tremble of Shogun’s wails. Throughout Royal Headache, he sings of teenage kicks and teenage angst with a fearless emotional range. He’s got the skill and the nerve to take after Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, always staying true to his own hard-bitten charisma. He is, quite simply, a natural.

Pure of heart and immune to pretension, Royal Headache have their own proven program for beating adversity. They play youth-energy rock at its most vindicating and motivating. And they’ve made a heartbreak record that gets you off your ass.Highly charged and energetic, Royal Headache is too simple to ignore. Too passionate to resist. Full of spunk, skills and drive. So fast and so catchy that it’ll make you dizzy, and so inspired that you’ll take this ride again and again and again.

01. Never Again
02. Really In Love
03. Surprise
04. Psychotic Episode
05. Girls
06. Two Kinds of Love
07. Back And Forth
08. Down The Lane
09. Distant And Vague
10. Wilson Street
11. Honey Joy
12. Pity

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