Northern transmissions reviews "Carolina" from Teen

Artist: TEEN

Title: Carolina

Label: Carpark Records

Rating: 6.9

Brooklyn alternative rock band TEEN are to release EP Carolina to follow their debut LP In Limbo that came out last year. The group consists of Kristina Lieberson, former keyboardist for the Brooklyn band Here We Go Magic, her sisters Katherine and Lizzie, and Jane Herships. The five track EP is a mix of spaced out psych-rock, post punk and art-pop.

Opener and title track “Carolina” is an introduction to the wispy, quirky vocals and all round musical mash up of sounds and instruments TEEN use. Towards the end of the track a vintage sounding keyboard comes in with the vocals to produce an entrancing finish. Despite having an ethereal sound, the guitars and drums push forwards and bring the song to a stop in an abrupt manner.

Circus” follows the sudden end of the first track with another set of Kate Bush-esque vocals and mad quips of melodies and trumpet sounds before a slowed down musical interlude full of grandeur. “Cannibal” is, despite the more morose title, a light, airy track with an array of guitar and key sounds creating a textured soundscape reminiscent of a summer day.

Glass Cage” has the most psychedelic, almost shoe-gazing sound and the lyrics to match; “It’s like living in a glass cage, I need to feel the cold coming towards you, it’s like living in a glass cage, I never feel the cold coming towards you”. Twangs of lo-fi guitar come in over the barely audible vocals and build and build into confusion.

The closing track on Carolina is also the longest on the EP – “Paradise” uses more jangly guitar and vintage sounding keys – “Is this your ticket to paradise? There you go go go, spending money when you can’t can’t can’t” repeats, a fast rhythm carries the track forwards throughout. The EP is certainly a good development on their first release, and TEEN are now taking their sound into a spacey but accessible pop haven.

Reviewed by Heather welsh.

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