Review of Melted Toys' 'Melted Toy, The band’s self-titled album will be released on July 15th on Underwater Peoples, Melted Toys play in San Francisco 7/14

Underwater Peoples

Melted Toys

Melted Toy

Ranking: 6/10

Returning from a three-year hiatus, Melted Toys will be returning with the upcoming release of their debut full-length album. The San Francisco band’s self-titled album will be released on July 15th via Underwater Peoples.

Following the instrumental Intro, which draws the listener in, the song Bummer Out helps to transport him to a beach somewhere in California through its soft and casual vibe. The lyrics, barely audible over the guitar and drum hooks, force the listener to feel the music rather than attempting to pick apart the lyrics; which contributes to the laidback vibe. The album highlights the band’s psychedelic influenced pop sound in a commendable fashion through a collection of songs, each of which are distinct from one another but when heard together, fit together like a puzzle. Where “A Postcard” is a slower and more melancholic narrative of a long distance relationship, “Blush” is an upbeat and catchy track where the listener can’t help but tap his foot. “Joy Fit” is a standout song of the album, with it’s calm and almost eerie sound laced with synth and soft drumbeats. Although the barely audible whisper of the lead vocalist helps to highlight the musical ability of the instrumentalists, it can become a setback for the listeners who care deeply about the lyrical content of songs. However, for those left disappointed by the vocals on the album, a redeeming factor may lay in how each song is still able to induce a feeling of calm in the listener through the soft and smooth musical arrangement.

Although the genre is not my cup of tea, I can appreciate the band for it’s distinct sound and would encourage them to allow their lyrics to be highlighted in the future, which will allow them to make an even deeper emotional connection with their audience.

Mariam Aamir


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