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Artist: Generationals

American indie rock duo Generationals are to release their third album Heza this April on Polyvinyl Records. The duo, made up of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer formed in New Orleans Louisiana in 2008. This album is a happy, summery pop-hook filled release and follows the release of the first two albums Con Law, in 2009 and Actor-Caster in 2011.

Opening track “Spinoza” is a light hearted, fast paced and giddy track “holding onto no-one, holding to nothing, don’t deny it happened, don’t deny me love”. Beach-y, sunny, summer guitar sounds play beneath. “Extra Free Year” follows the light-hearted tone, the guitar riffs are bouncy and warm.

“Say When” is full of more lightly textured vocals and a pulsing bass line; “I know you don’t talk about going back again, when’s that when’s that going to happen? Say when, say when, say when” the chorus repeats. “You Got Me” has a more psychedelic feel with high pitched pulsing synth noises layering into a soundscape for the smoky duet vocals to sit upon.

The first released single from the album “Put a Light On” is a building vocal masterpiece full of twee chimes and distorted, floaty vocals. “Awake” is about a sleep-talking friend; “Your friends they said to me that you were talking in your sleep, about the promises you keep. I know you drifted through the early year, you would fight to pass the time…” the narrative continues over light percussion.

“Kemal” has more summery vibes similar to early The Beach Boys’  tracks where as “I Used to Let You Get to Me” has a grungier, more lo-fi feel. Closing track “Durga II” is a romantic, slow paced track with a laid-back edge and conversational vocals; “If it’s something I don’t say, give in ‘till the words come easy…you get to come to my rescue once in a while”. All in all, Heza is a classic Generationals album; up-beat, listenable and damn catchy.

Reviewed by Heather Welsh.

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