Review of "Herin Wild" by Northern transmissions. Out September 21, on Fat Possum

Fat Possum Records

Frankie Rose

Herein Wild

Rating 8

When asked to review the new Frankie Rose album, Herein Wild, I replied, “Fuck yeah I’ll review that shit.” I was an instant fan of both The Dum Dum Girls and Vivian Girls the first time their music hit my eardrums. I couldn’t imagine how Ms. Rose’s new album could be anything less than splendid. I was totally correct.

Herein Wild doesn’t waste any time grabbing one’s attention. “You For Me” thumps in with fuzzy guitar and drums until Frankie Rose’s ethereal voice takes over and drifts you into a dreamy pop song that may very well be my favorite on the album. Not to say that the rest of the songs are anything but god damned grand.

The album’s opening track leans a bit more towards Frankie Rose’s past endeavors whereas the rest of the album is more celestial 80’s in its sound. Song after song succeeds endlessly with light, poppy, well-structured and produced songs. With this light, airy sound comes an undertone of questioning melancholy that can’t help make one wonder if Frankie Rose is writing this album in a time of transitions and searching.

The album takes a break from the more poppy beat driven songs and dips into more ambient sadness with “Cliffs As High,” a truly haunting and beautiful song that gives the album depth. As does the closing track “Requiem,” which showcases how great Rose’s songwriting is because the lilting vocals are supported by only acoustic guitar, cello and and trumpet. It’s a great choice to end the album for it makes the listener realize that Herein Wild is an album with many levels that one can not fully grasp with one simple listen.

Matt Dwyer

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