Review of Archie Bronson Outfit's LP 'Crush', the album comes out on May 14th via Domino records. Archie Bronson Outfit play May 18th in Dublin, Ireland

Domino Recording Company


Archie Bronson Outfit

Wild Crush

Artist: Archie Bronson Outfit

Wild Crush” is the first release by the band Archie Bronson Outfit since 2010. Having gone through some lineup changes, following the departure of founding member Dorian Hobday and the addition of Kristian Robinson, this album is a new venture by the band that attempts to explore and establish their sound.

The album starts off with a perfect introduction to the sound of Archie Bronson Outfit to those who may be unfamiliar with it. The opening track “Two Doves On A Lake,” a song heavy in distortion, high-tempo drumming and reverb is very characteristic of music from the post-punk genre that the band are proponents of. The song is full of energy and the interlude guitar licks bare a slight resemblance to works of artists such as Led Zeppelin. 

The dominant presence of the electric guitar is ever-present throughout the course of this album which risks it becoming monotonous for those listeners not attuned to picking out the subtleties of the genre. However, what makes A.B.O.’s sound distinct from others in the same genre is their use of the saxophone in a variety of songs such as “Country Miles.” Extremely uncharacteristic of the genre, the use of the instrument is an adventurous risk that pays off well for the band as it adds an interesting dimension to the otherwise atypical songs.

The band also explores their softer, more emotional side with “Lori From The Outer Reaches” which is yearning for the subject of song ‘Lori,’ who could possibly be a symbol of a feeling that not only the singer but also those around him, have lost. The use of echo in this song, among other songs, which makes the lyrics difficult to unravel not only adds an element of mystery to the album but also diverts the listener’s attention to the music, allowing the latter to be transported through the sound.

Another note-worthy song on the album is “Sweat & Flow (Dreams)” which finds a sense of positivity through the acceptance of defeat. The catchy phrase of the chorus, “I have given up on dreams, I have chosen to live free,” is the declaration of the newfound sense of peace achieved through the choice of not following dreams. The lyrics and the music of the song present a clever contrast between the pessimistic lyrical content and the positive musical arrangement.

The new Archie Bronson Outfit display potential through the debut project following the changes in the band’s lineup. Although there a couple of laudable songs on the album, through more experience and exploration, the band will be able to establish a more concrete and differentiated sound that will set it apart from other post-punk bands.

Mariam Aamir

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