Review: Mehro With King Isis In Los Angeles

Live Review: David Saxum reviews Mehro With King Isis, March 22nd show at the historic El Rey In Los Angeles, California
Mehro photo by David Saxum

Thursday night at the historic El Rey Theatre was an unforgettable experience for fans of mehro. The evening kicked off with a soul-stirring performance by the talented King Isis, who took to the stage armed only with an acoustic guitar. Hailing from Oakland, King Isis created an intimate ambiance, captivating the audience with emotionally charged songs woven with layers of personal narratives.

The crowd responded passionately to King Isis. Lighters were held high, bodies were swaying and cheers of support echoed throughout the venue. It was evident that King Isis had struck a chord with the audience. Surely, she received many new fans that evening, leaving us eager to witness her journey unfold.

Following King Isis's captivating performance, mehro took the stage, igniting the room with their infectious energy. Drawing on the camaraderie that King Isis started mehro invited the audience to become part of their extended family, emphasizing the importance of sharing intimate moments and supporting one another. At one point, mehro requested us to introduce ourselves to three strangers, creating an intimate atmosphere and instantly forging connections that made us feel like kin.

Throughout the night, mehro radiated genuine appreciation towards their fans, bandmates, and the experiences that shaped them. Their heartfelt expressions of gratitude resonated deeply, infusing the atmosphere with positivity and love. As they delved into the personal stories behind their songs, we felt a profound connection, finding echoes of our own lives in their lyrics. Their ability to evoke solidarity through intimate anecdotes was truly remarkable, uniting the crowd in shared experiences and emotions.

mehro's presence on stage was utterly captivating, radiating genuine authenticity and charisma that effortlessly captivated the audience's gaze. Throughout the night, they effortlessly navigated between musical genres, crafting a performance that was both thrilling and deeply moving. Every member of the band poured their passion into the music, resulting in an electrifying atmosphere that left us invigorated. Notably, they showcased their musical prowess by seamlessly transitioning between a myriad of instruments, demonstrating their versatility and skill with each swap.

I would compare mehro's exceptional talent and magnetic stage presence to that of the late Freddy Mercury; making them a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Their willingness to embrace vulnerability and push artistic boundaries sets them apart, making them a must-see act for music enthusiasts everywhere. If you have the opportunity to experience mehro live, don't hesitate to seize it – you won't be disappointed.

Words and thoughts by Savid Saxum

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