The Pxrtals debut new single

The Pxrtals debut new single “Dawn of a Global Community”
The Pxrtals

Lévi Soulodre is a French Canadian painter and musician better known as The Pxrtals. Today, he is debuting his new single “Dawn of a Global Community”. His impressionist vision extends to the music video for his single, “Dawn of a Global Community” in a collage of overlapping outdoor scenes. The video was filmed around Brooklyn, exploring themes of individuality vs community and life vs death. The George Harrison inspired guitar solo bridges the 1960’s folk/psychedelic zeitgeist with a contemporary alternative electronic infusion, opening a gateway in time and space.

The album concept was inspired by Lévi’s late uncle, an avid outdoorsman, who passed unexpectedly a decade ago. Lévi learned that his uncle wanted to build a home and start a family in the Stikine wilderness of British Columbia. In 2015, Lévi traveled to Stikine and rented a wood stove-heated cabin for a weeklong writing retreat. The closing lyrics on the album tell the story, “If you’d like to see me a thousand years on, I’ll be the great timid spruce on the cloud’s shoreline shading the family cabin in a place they used to call Stikine.” If you listen closely you can here the sound of Roy Orbison’s spirit trekking through an ageless forest.

Levi on the track:

It’s very challenging to put into any cohesive expression what it means to be releasing “Dawn” in this world today. Altogether, it’s a song of exhilaration, love, and hope which reminds me of Gandalf’s great widsom: “all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” May this song contribute to the goodwill that is ever-courageously climbing the path of an overwhelmingly daunting yet essential healing process, from the personal to the world entire.

“Dawn,” balanced on a MJ-inspired backbeat and BJM-inspired chord progression, is an ode to my fool’s hope: where life can and will change for every single living person on the planet, because there’s NO reason why anyone, anymore, should be dying from starvation or suffering from any sort of abuse. With the passing of another integral musical hero in Gord Downie (today), it’s certain that his music and heart lives in this song. So let “Dawn” uphold and serve as a testament to Gord’s Spirit, as we welcome and work towards a transparent, harmonious, global community.