Plastikman Announces 30th Anniversary Reissue Of ‘Sheet One’

Plastikman Announces 30th Anniversary Reissue Of 'Sheet One'
Plastikman Album Cover Courtesy of Mute

Richie Hawtin and Mute are excited to announce the 30th Anniversary Edition of Plastikman’s groundbreaking debut album, Sheet One, set for release on BioVinyl, remastered from the original masters and available via sublabel NovaMute on double vinyl on December 15th, 2023 in the US and Canada.

Plastikman is just one of Richie Hawtin’s alter egos and Sheet One was the first in a series of releases that started a phenomenon with seismic influence. Its stark production was quite unlike anything else in the electronic scene at that time, and an instantly recognizable and somewhat controversial acid-blotter CD cover introduced the world to his unique sound. The album was the beginning of a long creative relationship between Richie Hawtin and Mute and soon took its place as a crucial, classic electronic album. The release has also been remastered for digital re-release, courtesy of Manmade Mastering from Berlin.

With Plastikman, Richie Hawtin defined a time and place, expanding the dimensions of Detroit techno and redefining the possibilities of electronic dance music, evolving over six albums into one of contemporary electronic music’s most distinctive voices: minimalist, psychedelic, groove-laden and transcendent.

Born in Oxfordshire, Hawtin’s family moved to Canada when he was nine and, growing up he was heavily influenced by both his father’s diverse record collection and his own acute curiosity for everything electronic, watching from an early age as his father dismantled various electronic devices, rebuilding and modifying them in front of his son’s eyes. It was inevitable that his passions for music, technology and computers would be finally drawn together, and upon hearing the early sounds of Detroit Techno and Chicago Acid House on Jeff Mills’ late ’80s Detroit radio show, he found his direction. Traveling between his home town of Windsor, Ontario (Canada) and Detroit, Plastikman helmed some of the most intense, mind-bending parties underground electronic music has ever known.

Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman states: “After a few years of experimenting with equipment and techniques, I slowly started to find my own unique direction and sound by digging deep into the possibilities of the Roland TB303. The first crucial steps were the F.U.S.E. tracks ‘F.U.’ and ‘Substance Abuse,’ both throbbing dancefloor inspired physical work-outs. That led to my idea of taking the sound of my style of Acid deeper into a more cerebral long-form experiment that became the foundation of Sheet One. Recorded mostly over an intense 48-hour period, the album came alive as I paired the Roland TR606 drum machine to the TB303 for my first time, which opened the doorway into this unique Hawtin trip! ”

Sheet One Track listing:

1. Drp
2. Plasticity
3. Gak
4. Okx
5. Helikopter
6. Glob
7. Plasticine
8. Koma
9. Vokx
10. Smak
11. Ovokx

Pre-order Plastikman’s Sheet One reissue HERE.


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