Planningtorock “Get your Fkng Laws off my Body”

Planningtorock Shares "Get your Fkng Laws off my Body." The artist, singer/songwriter's track is available today via PIAS/Human Level
Planningtorock Shares "Get your Fkng Laws off my Body"

Singer/songwriter, producer, composer, director, and DJ Planningtorock – aka Jam Rahouja Rostron, has shared their new single, “Get your Fkng Laws off my Body,” the track is available today, via Human Level/[PIAS].

Planningtorock shares: “On the 13th June the British parliament debated on whether or not Trans people should be included in the ban of conversion therapy. To support the petition: ‘Ensure Trans people are fully protected under any conversion therapy ban’. I recorded a song entitled ‘Get your Fkng Laws off my Body’ to coincide with the day of the debate.

Making laws that control an individuals right to make decisions about their body is a human rights violation and during Monday’s debate, it was heartening to see MP’s from across the political spectrum speaking up in defence of Trans people and in support of banning conversion therapy for all LGBTQI people.

I recorded this first cut with speed so it would be in time for the debate and that is this version’s purpose. The debate will be reviewed not until September/ October and so to keep the message going there will be more collaborative versions to come with artists and friends. I also released the a cappella and the stems from this version so that my fans and dear followers can create their own versions and remixes.”

Planningtorock has been a disruptive voice in dance music for the last fifteen years. Initially signing with DFA via James Murphy himself, in addition to subsequently opening for LCD Soundsystem in America, Planningtorock has released four acclaimed studio albums thus far, using the personal as political on each record while playing with gender in their costumes and photos for each release. They identify as trans non-binary. Planningtorock has also become a highly sought-after DJ and remixer, transforming songs with their remixes of tracks by Christine and The Queens, Robyn, Romy of The xx, and many more

Planningtorock Tour Live Dates

June 17 – Ladyland Festival – Brooklyn, NY, USA
June 23 – Carnegie Museum – Pittsburgh, PA, USA
June 25 – YOHOMO, Toronto, CA
July 8 – BBK Festival – Bilbao, Spain
August 18 – Green Man Festival – Crickhowell, Wales
August 20 – Field Day – London, England

Order “Get your Fkng Laws off my Body” by Planningtorock HERE


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