Petey & Ginger Trailer Released

petey ginger trailer released

‘Petey & Ginger’ is a film about the time we live in more than it is about two people in particular. The two characters have willingly and generously let me use their life stories to create an abstract portrait of a broken culture. The film is a celebration of survival, music, companionship and chaos.

Petey & Ginger Trailer from Ada Bligaard Søby on Vimeo.

When the global economy collapses the only true victors are those that weren’t invited to the boom. Petey plays in a band and works in a pornography warehouse, packing and shipping sex paraphernalia to customers all over the world. Ginger works the late night shift in a bar as a fortune-teller to those who have been hit hard by the financial crisis.

Living on opposite coasts of America and both friends of the filmmaker, both their stories begin with their respective escapes from difficult childhoods. The film weaves voices and images, seeking to reveal how in-between people are hanging on in today’s America, desiring and dreaming in a no-man’s-land, but now adapted to the lack of hope.

“Petey & Ginger” is a personal take on individual crisis vs. collective crisis, and what happens when the two overlap. In their narrative, we experience a broken culture exposing a wasteland of shattered economic dreams and unfulfilled social promises; a reality that only music and friendship float freely above.

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