“Overnighter” By Thin Lear

Thin Lear, the project of NJ artist Matt Longo, today announced his forthcoming EP A Beach of Nightly Glory, produced by Matthew E. White (Bedouine, Natalie Prass, Dan Croll), will be released on June 7th, 2024, via Metropolitan Groove Merchants. Ahead of the EP’s arrival thin Lear has shared the album track “Overnighter,” a deeply moving song about feeling powerless against a loved one’s struggle with depression.

Of “Overnighter,” he explains: “This song tries to verbalize a kind of ineptitude, a crushing self-doubt that can creep in when faced with true despondence from someone you’d give your life for. Being the keeper of the flame for hope and positivity can be a tough task if you’re feeling like you’ve already lost them.”

Brimming with wide-eyed love, self-doubt, and sleep-deprived delirium, Longo felt a sense of urgency to express all his overwhelming new emotions both before and after welcoming his daughter, and to chronicle such an ephemeral point in the life of his young family. He workshopped music with his baby on his chest each evening, which resulted in a hushed atmosphere and the most gentle melodies he’d ever written.

Working with White and the house band at Richmond, VA’s Spacebomb Studio, Longo found collaborators who were able to create arrangements as intricate and celestial as the songs themselves. A Beach of Nightly Glory, over only five tracks, explores and encapsulates the delicacy of being human. Each song is its own story of profound love, grief, nostalgia, despair, or hope–but together they paint a textured picture of life’s chaotic beauty, and our capacity to hold several different emotions, and even identities, at once. Ultimately the A Beach of Nightly Glory EP is music that stands at the intersection of two lives: musician and father; an artist trying to live in the present, eye-to-eye with his brilliant new world, doing his best to shake himself free from the weight of the past.

Thin Lear
A Beach of Nightly Glory

1. Overnighter
2. Bowie’s Ley Lines
3. A Debt
4. Richard Out in Space
5. Impossible Man

Pre-order A Beach of Nightly Glory HERE


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