NT Premiere: Corbin Hale’s ‘Kaleidoscope’

Corbin Hale Releases Music Video for New Single 'Kaleidoscope'
Corbin Hale

Born in Rio De Janeiro, Corbin Hale is as much a singer-songwriter as he is a storyteller, spinning tales of love and life with every lyric. Filled with heartfelt and finely-crafted hooks and raspy vocal, Corbin’s work has become a timeless and timely addition to rock music worldwide. It encapsulates the feelings of nostalgia with its old-school rock anthems and a modern twist with similar sounds of the Arctic Monkeys and The Killers.

‘Kaleidoscope’ out today, (Friday May 4th), is no different. Despite an upbeat and enthusiastic initial listen, the lyrics speak towards something deeper, reflecting a melancholy glittered with hope and remorse. As Corbin croons “you’re like a kaleidoscope, all your colours change” we are filled with a sense of honest relatability and understanding; young love is never as straightforward as it seems, but it brings colour and life along with it.

The music video pairs well as a classic “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girls back” with a twist of genuine anguish. This heartache is drawn out until the last second, before snapping back into hopeful embrace, leaving the viewer inspired and grateful.

More than just another indie rock ballad, ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a lush transference, communicating a complex understanding of human emotion. The catchy hook may grab ones original attention, but soon you’ll find yourself a dedicated follower of Corbin Hale and his musical storytelling.

All of Corbin Hale’s information on his upcoming projects, social media, and music streams can be found here on his website.


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