“Nothing Unexpected” By Modeling

Modeling is the Fayetteville, Arkansas trio that includes brothers Connor, Ryan and Cuinn Brogan. On February 18th, the synthwave band released their single “Nothing Unexpected.” The band’s sound is strongly influenced by film scores. The brothers were movie fans long before they played an instrument. Their dad introduced them to films such as The Terminator, Alien and Braveheart before they were of “age” to watch them. Eventually the movies crept into their music. Each idea goes through the process of playing it over muted movie scenes on youtube to see if it works. “It’s important that each piece of music we write has its own world for the listener to escape to.”

The trio come from a prog-rock background. Their first instruments were electric guitars and acoustic drums their dad introduced to them at a young age. After years of crafting and deciphering their sound, Modeling decided it was time to start releasing their own music. It wasn’t long before they were signed to a reputable record label under a previous outfit, PMtoday. Stuck in a contract that left them feeling stagnant musically with no creative freedom, the collective disbanded the next year. After years of collecting their thoughts and diving into the world of jazz, electronic and contemporary classical music, Modeling soon found their new sound.

​From Modeling:

​There’s a tinge of hopelessness embedded in the lyrics because, at the time, I really struggled with this idea that everything good I was ever going to feel had already been felt and everything moving forward would just be a lesser version of what came before. And so that’s where the title stems from, this thought that nothing would ever compare or feel quite the same, there would be nothing new that I hadn’t already experienced, no surprises, nothing unexpected. It’s naive to think, but it’s where my mind settled at that particular point in time.


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