“No Time Like Now” Memoryy

"No Time Like Now" by Memoryy is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'
"No Time Like Now" by Memoryy

Memoryy AKA: Shaun Hettinger has released “No Time Like Now,” his first single in two years. The producer/singer/songwriter, is busy putting the finishing touches on his new album. Memoryy, has been quite busy over the last couple of years, if you watch the Chelsea Handler show, you might recognize his music opening the show, as well as contributing to other Amazon projects.

Memoryy on “No Time Like Now”:

My entire music career can be best summed up as “Trying to write the Perfect Pop Song”. Now I’m not saying I’ve ever successfully hit that mark, but it has been my “White Whale” (to use the old Moby Dick metaphor). No Time Like Now is my latest stab at euphoric summertime ear candy, and I wanted to give a modern update to that classic MGMT kinda vibe (that they’ve since turned on & neglected).

I knew I had struck upon something half decent when my 2 year old started singing the Chorus hook in between monster truck playtime and repeatedly saying “Hey Bro” like a broken John Cena doll. Now, he’s certainly not my target demographic but I’ll take it. If my melody can submerge itself into the depths of a 2 year old brain – a brain consumed by the catchiest kid music ear candy crack of all-time, then maybe my latest White Whale shot has struck Baby Shark territory & that in itself is something.

UPDATE: I still don’t have Baby Shark’s 3 billion plays though.


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