Moon Duo Releases Mazes Remixed

Listen to the “Scars” Sonic Boom Remix:

Moon Duo will release Mazes Remixed on limited edition vinyl (1000 copies) on May 8 on Sacred Bones Records.

When Moon Duo’s last full-length, Mazes, was released on March 29, 2011, several indie retailers also received a limited edition bonus remix CD that was available to customers with purchase. Limited to 500, this remix album included six re-workings of several tracks off Mazes by Sonic Boom, Psychic Ills, Gary War, Purling Hiss, and Cave, along with one cover version of the album’s title track by Berlin based, Eagle Boston. The bonus album was so well received that retailers could barely keep up with the demand and most everyone sold out of it during the first few days of release. The Psychic Ills remix was the soundtrack to an incredibly decadent Victorian era themed Chanel fashion show in Paris.
Some staff members at Aquarius Records in San Francisco and Other Music in NY claimed to like the bonus disc as much as the proper album itself. In spirit of Record Store Day and to honor collectors and completists everywhere, Sacred Bones has decided to make this remix album available on vinyl in North America for the first time.

Mazes Remixed Track Listing:
01. Scars (Sonic Boom Remix)
02. Seer (Psychic Ills Remix)
03. Run Around (Cave Remix)
04. In The Sun (Purling Hiss Remix)
05. When You Cut (Gary War Remix)
06. Fallout (Sonic Boom Remix)
07. Mazes (Walking Through This Space) (Eagle Boston Cover)


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