“Monochrome” by ELZ AND THE CULT

Istanbul’s ELZ AND THE CULT’s latest video ‘Monochrome’ showcases stunning choreography and strange digital distortion, creating an almost disturbed augmented reality. The song is heavily influenced by the ’90’s and discusses “getting lost in the unpredictable nature of human, life and melancholy.”

ELZ on the video:

​”​The video and the song is all about getting lost in the unpredictable nature of human, life and melancholy. We have created this distorted world, all dark to reflect the blank feeling and were heavily influenced by 90s aesthetics. ​” ELZ grew up with the music of David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Marilyn Manson, he states them as his main influences and musical heros.

ELZ is a passionate singer, songwriter and producer from Istanbul. His music is described as a sound called ‘Sci-Fi Pop’ (retro sci-fi mixed with trip-hop and synthwave elements) along with metaphorical lyrics and disturbingly beautiful visuals to provide the ultimate audience experience. ELZ’s first single Acid Symphony got accepted by MTV-U and AXS TV and went live on air and he released his very first EP ‘Future in Chrome Past’ right after the music video in 2016.




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