“Misfit” by Starling

Northern Transmission's 'Song of the Day' is "Misfit" By UK singer/songwtiter Starling.

Starling began to sing, starting with covers of Joni Mitchell and Bill Withers, progressing into writing her own brand of dark, brooding pop only 18 months ago. Citing Patti Smith, Bat For Lashes and Fiona Apple as influences, it’s the wild, emotional properties of those artists that attract her. There’s a strangely dark warmth to Starling’s music; gentle piano lines, swelling synths and brooding percussion are complimented with personal, sometimes surreal lyrics that deal with the darker sides of the human condition. Depression, solitude and a cathartic approach to writing form the lyrical basis to Starling’s work, a quality that hints at the depth yet to come from this intriguing new artist.


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