Dazy and Militarie Gun Collaborate On New Single “Pressure Cooker”

Dazy & Militarie Gun Pressure Cooker
Dazy & Militarie Gun Pressure Cooker

Dazy and Militarie Gun have shared their collaborative new single and video “Pressure Cooker”. They worked remotely on the track which was then mixed and mastered by Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur, Jr., Pixies, Wild Pink).

Dazy and Militarie Gun comment on creation of “Pressure Cooker”.

“Ever since I met Ian, we’ve had a tendency to veer off into long conversations about songwriting, but when he suggested we should try to do something together I thought he was just being friendly,” James Goodson, aka Dazy, laughs. “He kept bringing it up so finally I showed him a song I’d been working on, and in no time at all he was sending back vocals and new ideas. I’m always blown away by the amount of energy and personality that Militarie Gun can pack into a song, and it was really cool to work together and see that happening in real time.”

“I think a lot of times rock musicians seem to only create within their own band bubble and I wanted to try to step out of the way we’re used to creating songs,” explains Militarie Gun mastermind and vocalist Ian Shelton. “I’d become a huge fan of Dazy and had been bugging James about doing a song together. I don’t think he took me seriously at first, but eventually he sent me ‘Pressure Cooker’ and within a couple hours I’d sent it back with my vocals, and the song was almost done.”

Check out the video directed by Audri Kenley below.

Stream “Pressure Cooker” HERE


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