Memoryy Releases Single “All My Love”

Memoryy Releases Single "All My Love"

Memoryy could be considered the lovechild of Wham and Yeasayer upon first listen. This is probably due to the fact that Memoryy’s Shaun Hettinger received a bright red keytar whose only demo song was Wham’s “Last Christmas” at the age of six. Ultimately, the song stuck with him, and if anything, it was a symbol for his future music career in 80s-influenced synth-pop. The memory of Hettinger’s keytar is now a tattoo on his arm.

Following 13 years of piano lessons, and two (more lyrically comical) bands later, Hettinger found himself heading in a more serious direction. In 2013, Hettinger released his first EP as Memoryy titled Electric City. The following year, he debuted a second EP, Young Oblivion, where Hettinger enlisted the help of a few friends: his former band and infamous remix team, The Golden Pony, and chillwave artist Brothertiger (John Jagos). Hettinger then rounded out 2014 by forming his own music production company, Keytarred and Feathered, where he writes & produces music for other artists and for TV, Film, & commercials. Clients include well known brands like Redken & L’oreal.

In August 2015, Hettinger released the first single from his forthcoming EP, “Feeling Sinister”—a summery synth-pop gem, co-produced by Brothertiger featuring a dynamic mix of bongos, lush synth pads and a horn section. Following the first single, Memoryy just released “All My Love,” which marks Hettinger’s most modern song yet as he sonically hones in on the nature of futuristic electro-pop.

Of his most recent single (which is currently climbing The Hype Machine charts) Hettinger said, “All My Love was a pop song I originally wrote to pitch to Flo Rida or Rihanna since a friend was working with them at the time. I never quite got around to finishing that version & ended up re-writing it a year or so later; drawing inspiration from binge-watching Black Mirror & contemplating the nature of reality.”

I originally had written this chorus to pitch to Rhianna or Akon (a friend was working with them at the time) and it never happened…I re-discovered it and rewrote this version, which was inspired by binge-watching both BBC’s Black Mirror and MTV’s Catfish shows. So the lyrics are questioning the nature of reality – how we process and make something real, even if it doesn’t exist.
Sample lyric: “If it’s real inside… it is real to me”

Anyways I had some production help from Yeasayer’s producer Abe Seiferth and it was mixed by LA bud Luke Tozour (who got a Grammy nomination for engineering Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”.)
It was nice to re-connect with both these guys — Abe produced my very first synth-pop song, Kitten Berry Crunch “When This Is Over” (Youtube search that later!); and Luke mixed my old LA synth-rock band The Squares’ debut album.”


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