“Mary” (Acoustic) Major Murphy

Major Murphy have released an acoustic version of "Mary." The original version of the track is off their LP 'No. 1', available via Winspear Records
Major Murphy "Mary" (Acoustic)

Major Murphy have released a new track from the follow up to their debut LP, No. 1, from the set of bedroom recordings archiving a time when Jacob Bullard was discovering his voice as a songwriter and the band was finding their footing within that space. This acoustic version of “Mary” strips back the 70’s inspired hazy production to the skeleton of this entrancing single. Major Murphy’s Lafayette EP will be released on Winspear February 22nd.

Jacob Bullard on “Mary”:

“Mary in this song represents innocence and naivety. The singer is in transit (“standing on a corner, standing on a line”) and appeals to Mary to guide them through an unfair and complicated world” and speaking to the genesis of the song Bullard goes on to say that “when we recorded the song for No. 1 we ended up taking the acoustic guitar out entirely which gave the song a real smooth sound, but it was there initially informing the rhythm. A little while after we recorded the song at Russian Recording I went back and listened to this demo and I realized we completely forgot to include the little instrumental section after the first and second verses, but I guess without it makes the song a little more concise and for a nice surprise on the Acoustic version.”

Named after the house in Grand Rapids, MI that many of these songs were written and recorded in, the Lafayette EP chronicles a liminal space as the project transitioned from a stripped-down, solo project toward a three-piece rock band. The porches and walls of this house on Lafayette Avenue was a natural space for creativity and collaboration, a space where the band recorded early versions of Major Murphy standards that would eventually be taken into the studio to create their debut album.

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