“Maps” by Oyls

Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day is "Maps" by Oyls.

Blending experimental rock and indie electronica, OYLS havethe aptness for innovative music. OYLS is the creative venture of two unexpected individuals; David Kirshenbaum, a former corporate consultant,and Michael Lipp, a failed strip club DJ. By subsuming the jazz and soul elements of the music they grew up on, OYLS aim to push the boundaries of the electronic landscape by drawing comparisons to artists like James Blake, Alt-J, and Disclosure, while creating an authentic sound of their own.

The new single “Maps” harmonizes delicate lyrics with technological complexity. The intention of the single’s recurring loop, “It’s alright”, was prompted by the moments of repression and doubt that can only be triggered by personal growth. The arrangement marries a harmonious flow with an unapologetic disco edge, leaving its listeners re-inspired. Influenced by The Beach Boys’ ‘Wall of Sound’ production style, OYLS created, recorded, and produced their music in Kirshenbaum’s parent’s dining room with a single microphone and a laptop. They confide, “We compiled drum sets, made our own horn section and choirs of our voices. We not only overcame limitations; we embraced them.” Their writing process begins with the layering of instruments to map the progression of the song until they reach their desired sound, at which point Lipp immerses himself in poetry and meditation to realize the lyrics.

OYLS aim to create pop music with authenticity so listeners are able to expand their palate through the context of modern music. OYLS’ have been busy of late, headlining famed venues in their hometown of Los Angeles, as well as performing at numerous festivals.

by Jen Dan


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