Lowertown Debut New Single “No Way”

Lowertown Debut New Single "No Way." The track is off the duo's forthcoming release 'I Love To Lie,' available October 21, via Dirty Hit
Lowertown Debut New Single "No Way"

Lowertown have shared a new visualiser for “No Way”, the final single off their debut album I Love To Lie, available October 21, Dirty Hit (Rina Sawayama, Pale Waves, beabadoobee).

Lowertown aka best friends Olivia Osby and Avsha Weinberg), and the first new music since the release of The Gaping Mouth EP last year the follow up to 2020’s Honeycomb, Bedbug. Expanding on ‘No Way’, Olivia says: “We wrote ‘No Way’ after our first time visiting LA together when we were 19. We were staying in a remote AirBnB with no way to get around besides hyper inflated and unreliable Ubers. We didn’t know anyone in the city except a few surface level acquaintances. Avsha and I are both outwardly cynical and dark people so the positive, white, polished nature of the places, people and events we experienced in that time made our stomachs sour.”

She continues: “The culture shock from the slow paces, authentic style of living we knew in Atlanta to the primped, nuanced, and aggressive way people were in LA astounded me. It was a whole other way of talking, thinking, and breathing. I felt extreme disgust with how parasitic and superficial so many interactions were. Every conversation felt like a way to uncover information about who we were, who we knew, and what we had to offer. In the end I was so tired of all the pleasantries, the forced smiles and the obsession with status and appearances. LA is beautiful, I like the hills and the sunsets but most of what I experienced in those weeks made me want to hurl.”

After meeting in maths class, best friends Olivia Osby and Avsha Weinberg bonded over a mutual love of jazz. Classical pianist Avsha, a first-generation Israeli immigrant, had conservatory aspirations while Olivia spent her formative years writing poetry, feeding melodic snippets to a small but devoted online following.

“Olivia’s start in poetry had a huge influence over our music,” says Avsha. “That has been one thing that has stayed consistent in the music: allowing the lyrics to move with the music the way Olivia feels. It’s interesting to have the words decide the rhythm rather than a traditional guitar or drum.”

I Love To Lie was recorded with Catherine Marks in London, it’s a collection of work that highlights the duo’s knack for violently provocative underdog anthems of youthful dissonance and disappointment, the melding of nostalgia and nouveau, and clashing homages to early emo and pop-punk politicism. While they once insisted on non-traditional song structure – forever fearing an inane return from verse to chorus – they’ve since “reeled it in,” favouring coherence over chaos.

I Love To Lie
Dirty Hit Records

1. My Friends
2. Antibiotics
3. Bucktooth
4. I’m Not
5. It’s It’s It’s
6. No Way
7. Scum
8. At The End
9. Goon
10. Waltz in Ab minor
11. It’s Easy For Me

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