“You” by Llorca

The ‘French Touch’ excited listeners in the late Nineties and early Noughties. Combining influences from Soul, Jazz, Latin and African music with chic electronics, artists such as St. Germain, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk and Llorca delivered deep sounding delights to discerning audiences in clubs and at parties all over the world.

Llorca (christened Lludovic Llorca and also known as Art of Tones) is now stepping back into the scene with a new album entitled ‘The Garden’ and a decidedly different sound. Excellent songwriting and production is underpinned with gritty grooves displaying mature Funk overtones, topped off with guest appearances from a host of superb singers. Some are well known, including Georg Levin of Berlin based Sonar Kollektiv, Parisian Soul queen Laetitia Dana, plus the New York pairing of Drum’n’Bass/House vocalist Frank H. Carter III and R&B/Soul artist Halley Hiatt, while a host of newcomers include Mawogani Wood, Stefan Frank, Sapele and Michael Barthelemy. Each help to seed ‘The Garden’ and make it a melodic treasure trove that grows with each listen, blooming from great songs into future classics – this is surely Llorca’s best music to date.

Having made his home in the deep south of France, close to the Spanish border and far away from the hustle and bustle of Paris, Llorca has directed his artistic career according to the paths he has taken in his personal life. The internationally renowned DJ, producer and songwriter built a studio in Perpignan that has become his sacred place to make music the way he always wanted to – a soundscape incorporating his many musical passions from Soul to Funk to Electronica to Deep House. Following the success of ‘Newcomer’ in 2001 (released on the legendary F Communications label (Mr.Oizo, Laurent Garnier, Saint-Germain, etc), he embarked on four years of touring with his band, which included playing some of the biggest music festivals in the world.

Taking a step back from the limelight and into the clubs with his Electro alter-ego Art of Tones, this self-taught lover of Disco and Soul music of the 70’s who at 14 was making his first foray into music on a Commodore 64, dedicated an incredible fifteen years to making this second album. A record to simultaneously move the feet and engage the mind, the ten songs that made it onto ‘The Garden’ certainly show off the artistic maturity and relevance of the musical mastermind behind them.

Leaving the world of lounge Jazz and sensory House music of his first album behind, ‘The Garden’ dazzles the listener with the purity of its songwriting, the deep thought behind its lyrics, the elegance of its string arrangements and the Funk mastery of its basslines. The album also charms via the ease with which each guest singer becomes one with the music, becoming increasingly addictive with each listen and revealing a wide range of emotions – from the joyful ‘You’ and ‘All We Ever Have’ to the sensuous ‘Addiction Days’, ‘Wonder Why’, ‘All Right’ and beyond. The whole is most certainly larger than the sum of its parts, intertwining and combining into one mindblowing, breathtaking suite. Welcome to Chapter 2 of Llorca’s musical story….welcome to ‘The Garden’.

2016 saw Ludovic make a new EP for The House Of Disco Records label entitled ‘Devil The Difference’, while he also remixed Mona Lazette for Toytonic.

The spring of 2017 will see the long awaited release of a second Llorca album on Membran Records. Entitled ‘The Garden’, it will be preceded by the singles ‘Waiting’ and ‘You’.


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