Lido Pimienta The Road To Miss Colombia Documentary

Lido Pimienta 'The Road To Miss Colombia' Documentary. The film is available, today December 2nd, to stream on Youtube
Lido Pimienta 'The Road To Miss Colombia'

Lido Pimienta will premiere The Road to Miss Colombia, a new documentary that chronicles the elaborate and thoughtful production of her 2020 sophomore album Miss Colombia. It will debut at 1 pm ET today via YouTube. Colombia “This doc is the culmination of six years of work,” Pimienta explained. “I knew Miss Colombia was going to be an important body of work for me, and reveal a lot about my life, but what I didn’t quite know back then was the HOW. Now I can sit back knowing that I have an homage to my place of birth, a reconciliation. Everyone that took part in the process can know that we honored Miss Colombia, and now I can move on and kiss it goodnight!”

Additionally, Lido Pimienta has been nominated for her first Grammy in the category of Best Latin Rock or Alternative album for Miss Colombia. Miss Colombia is rich in historical significance, and includes appearances from Bomba Estéreo’s Li Saumet on “Nada” and an interlude by Rafael Cassiani Cassiani, the bandleader of Palenque’s Sexteto Tabala. Cassiani is from San Basilio de Palenque, the oldest surviving town founded by freed Africans who had been enslaved in the Americas.

In collaboration with YouTube Music under the umbrella of its Foundry global artist development program, Pimienta is hosting a livestream performance on the Lido Pimienta Official YouTube Channel on December 15 at 4 PM ET. Through YouTube Giving’s “Donate” button which is located in the top right-hand corner of the livestream watch page, fans will be able to help raise funds for the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Miss Colombia the album fuses electro-cumbia with pop, resulting in an album that is as fascinating as it is powerful. Its title was in-part inspired by the 2015 Miss Universe mishap in which Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned Miss Colombia, instead of Miss Philippines. It caused Lido to reflect on the anti-blackness she’s experienced.


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