Late Slip Debuts “I Love You”

Late Slip debuts video for "I Love You." The title-track is of the artist's new album, now available via Party Mermaid Records and DSPs
Late Slip debuts video for "I Love You"

Late Slip have shared a new video for “I Love You,” the title-track off their first full-length album. The LP was produced by Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, FIDLAR, Nikki Lane, Poolside), and now available via Party Mermaid Records. Chelsea Nenni, was born on the East Coast but grew up in California. Elvis Presley was her first love and Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” her first favorite song. She studied opera in college, but Gwen Stefani gave her the guts to be in a band. Nenni moved to New York City in her mid-20’s to pursue a life onstage.

Late Slip’s Chelsea Nenni on “I Love You:”

“This song is about my grandma, Dorothy Lancella. She and I were very close and she passed away almost 3 years ago. The lyrics reflect the period of time after she died when I was working retail and trying really hard to be friendly, but was super heartbroken. The whole album is dedicated to her.

My friend Andrew B. White and I shot the music video in Coney Island, one of my favorite places. My grandma was a lifelong New Yorker who used to take my mom and her siblings to the beach on hot summer days in Long Island when they were little, so Coney Island felt like the perfect location.

I honestly got pretty sad while we were filming, but part of the way through I could feel her presence. I realized that even though losing someone you love is painful, it’s also beautiful to have loved (and been loved by) somebody that much. It really made me feel better to see it that way and feel so supported.”

On I Love You, Pesacov’s production delivers a nostalgic soundscape with a little bit of twang, a little bit of surf, and a whole lotta heart. Nenni’s sun-soaked, tear-stained gems tap into the tenderness we tend to lock away. I Love You offers the invitation to cozy up close, let your feelings flow, and dance it all away.

Nenni moved from New York City to L.A. to explore Late Slip’s potential. Within a week, she landed a job at Amoeba Music, a perfect pathway into the music community. A work friendship led to a recording session with Cian Riordan (Sleater-Kinney, St. Vincent, Beth Ditto, Grace Potter) at Barefoot Studios, resulting in the rollicking Other Men EP (2016).

Faithful Amoeba regular Bobb Bruno led Nenni to Best Coast’s Crazy for You producer, Lewis Pesacov. Super dialed-in to retro sensibilities, Pesacov was a natural fit. His pal, L.A. R&B favorite Nick Waterhouse, soon joined the mix and the three penned “Strike (feat. Nick Waterhouse)” which she recorded for her Reelin’ EP (2020); this trio also churned out the title track for that EP which was also released on Party Mermaid Records.

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