Juan Wauters Collaborates With Homeshake

Juan Wauters has shared "Monsoon", the track featuring Homeshake, is partnered with a whimsical, heist-inspired video. "Monsoon
Juan "Monsoon" featuring Homeshake

Juan Wauters has shared “Monsoon”, the track featuring Homeshake (Pete Sagar), is partnered with a whimsical, heist-inspired video. “Monsoon” is the fifth single from Juan’s forthcoming album Real Life Situations, out April 30, which also features collaborations with Mac DeMarco, Nick Hakim, Cola Boyy, and more. “Monsoon” features Homeshake’s signature lo-fi R&B beats paired with Wauters’ spirited vocals.

Director Dinomoves on “Monsoon:”

“A big old cheers to Juan Wauters for getting me in on the project, he’s the main man and an inspiration. The sounds that Juan and Homeshake created conjured up a lot of images in my head and we had a blast bringing them to life down in Cornwall, UK”.

Until recently, Wauters had viewed his solo project as just that – a singular expression of his artistic vision. A trip through Latin America while recording his last album, however, laid the groundwork for a different approach. Inviting local musicians to contribute to the songs he was working on produced a collection unlike any of his previous work, infused with the musical traditions of each country he’d visited. As a result, 2018’s La Onda De Juan Pablo and its follow-up, Introducing Juan Pablo, were Wauters’ most expansive and sonically diverse records to date, tracing both his Uruguayan roots and his travellers’ spirit. On Real Life Situations, he’s channeled this collaborative spirit, lending his chameleonic songwriting to experiments in hip-hop, lo-fi R&B, and deft indie folk.

Juan Wauters
Real Life Situations

1. A JPW Headspace 2020
2. Monsoon (with Homeshake)
3. Sentimiento Queens
4. Locura
5. Ventana
6. Presentation (with Nick Hakim & Benamin)
7. Unity (with Cola Boyy)
8. Real (with Mac DeMarco)
9. Keep Cool
10. Carmina Pensá Y
11. A Peter Pan Donuts Conversation
12. Lion Dome (with Air Waves)
13. JPW Talking
14. Acordes (with Tall Juan)
15. Bailando
16. Estás Escuchando (with El David Aguilar)o
17. Crack Dabbling
18. A JPW Theme Song
19. Yendo
20. Powder
21. NY Weaz

Real Life Situations by Juan Wauters is available for Pre-order HERE.


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