Jockstrap Electrifies Washington D.C.

Jockstrap Electrifies Washington D.C.
Jockstrap photo by Sam Franzini

On Thursday, to a sold-out show, London-based duo Jockstrap performed all songs from their critically acclaimed debut album I Love You Jennifer B, alongside fan favorites from previous EPs Wicked City and Love Is the Key to the City. The duo switched between heartfelt ballads and glitchy, experimental art pop effortlessly, displaying their talent and performance prowess. The pair, utilizing their voices, keyboards, a guitar, and violin, showed that while their discography is limited, they’re ones to watch.

Opener Ernest Rareberrg warmed up the crowd with experimental hip-hop and R&B, using a vocal modulator to pitch up or down his voice according to the song, to his benefit on tracks like “Secondary Handstand.” Jockstrap, composed of producer Taylor Skye and lyricist Georgia Ellery, took the stage not long after, starting with Jennifer B opener “Neon”, transitioning into the titular track. Eventually, they played every song on the album — the expertly produced ballads “Greatest Hits” and “What’s It All About?” complemented with the uneasy and stirring performances of “Angst” and “Lancaster Court”; Georgia’s singing filled the room as she sang about anxious emotions.

The crowd swelled as they performed “Glasgow”, their lightest song by far. The chorus of strings and airy singing made the room feel momentous, as well as the sweet ballad “Acid”, one of the only songs where Skye also sings. The duet complimented both of their voices, alongside their ability to create electronic music attuned to the love-drenched lyrics (“I sent you my heart”, they sang.)

They left the two most upbeat songs for last — starting with Jennifer B’s lead single, “Concrete Over Water.” With alternating electronic and ballad sections switching so quickly was dizzying, but the crowd, clearly experienced with the music, was able to keep up. They ended on “50/50”, a song bizarre enough to be a Jockstrap classic but recognizable enough to have people running to the dancefloor. “I gotta go, gotta think about that,” people chanted, alongside screams of “She’s 50/50!” For a song about indecisiveness, there were no mixed opinions from the audience.

Between songs, Skye and Ellery were a bit timid, their voices as soft as they are with their music, but came fully alive when performing. The music speaks for itself, but on heartfelt, sweeping moments — “Glasgow”, “Acid”, “Greatest Hits”, — it’s clear this duo are much more powerful than just the ‘electronic’ genre.

Words by Sam Franzini

Jockstrap 2022-2023 Tour Dates

19 Nov | The Sultan Room, Brooklyn, NY SOLD OUT
20 Nov | The Sultan Room, Brooklyn, NY SOLD OUT
24 Nov | Bar le Ritz PDB, Montreal, QC SOLD OUT
25 Nov | Drake Underground, Toronto, ON SOLD OUT
26 Nov | Sleeping Village, Chicago, IL SOLD OUT
27 Nov | 7th St Entry, Minneapolis, MN
1 Dec | Fox Cabaret, Vancouver, BC
2 Dec | Madame Lou’s, Seattle, WA
3 Dec | Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR
6 Dec | Starline Social Club, Oakland, CA
7 Dec | Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA SOLD OUT
7 Feb | District, Liverpool, UK
9 Feb | The Cluny, Newcastle, UK
10 Feb | Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK
11 Feb | Foundry, Sheffield, UK
13 Feb | Bullingdon, Oxford, UK
15 Feb | Heaven, London, UK SOLD OUT
16 Feb | Olbys, Margate, UK
17 Feb | Gorilla, Manchester, UK
28 Feb | Night Cat, Melbourne AUS
2 Mar | Mary’s Underground, Sydney AUS

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