“Jimi Infinity” by Tasseomancy

Toronto twin sister duo Tasseomancy (formerly of Austra) have shared their surreal video for track “Jimi Infinity”.

Sari Lightman elaborates further about the video:

“When my sister and I were little girls, we used to pour boxes of cereal onto the floor and take turns ‘swimming’ into shallow piles of stale grains, dried raisins clinging to our unbrushed hair.ideas of Desire often seems delicious until poured into practise. As Leonard Cohen once wrote, “nothing in this human realm is meant to work”, so watch it fall fast into messy, consequential snack. Jimi Infiniti riffs on a borderless drive, an endless, impossible love and a life spurred on by the all night search for the alternative milkshake. The video makes visual nods to tom rubnitz and it’s conceptual glamour that quickly shifts shape when it’s entirety is spilled upon the kitchen floor.”

Genesis P-Orridge and Kathy Acker believed William Burroughs to be a vibrant beam of clarity. P-Orridge—a disciple of Burroughs—referred to “The Discipline of D.E. as a smooth hand of magic”. Romy of Tasseomancy stumbled upon the Discipline of D.E. (Do Easy), a short story outlining a don’t-bust-a-gut Buddhist philosophy and “like a gentle old cop making a soft arrest”, she was deeply touched and set out to find the easy way.

For the seasoned loners, stoners, and lackadaisically laid, Do Easy was written as a dead-beat anthem for a generation who was told that anything is possible after the possibility slows. Written in Toronto and Montreal, Do Easy was created as a lamp shade of hope and of soft survivalism. Serene, strange and magnetically sung, it honors its free thinking forbearers without being weighed down by them, creating immersive worlds of loving allusion.

Sisters Sari and Romy Lightman are former members of queer cold-wave band, Austra. Channelling their former forays in psychedelic folk into a kind of lushly accessible, warmly experimental dream-pop along wit bandmates Johnny Spence and Evan Cartwright, they explore manipulated sounds, all with mood in mind. Assisted by friends Brodie West (alto-sax), Ryan Driver (flute) Simone Schmidt (voice of a young Neil Young) and Alex Cowan (Blue Hawaii) that exploration reaches full bloom on Do Easy, the sound of a band hitting their richly imagined, luxuriously executed stride. And, wealth of evocative references included, making it all sound easy.

Tasseomancy are about to embark on a June tour in Japan alongside Lydia Ainsworth.

Do Easy

1. Dead Can Dance & Neil Young
2. Claudine
3. Jimi Infiniti
4. Missoula
5. Wiolyn
6. 29 Palms
7. Do Easy
8. Do Easy Reprise
9. Gentle Man
10. Emergency
11. Eli