“Jesus Shoes” by Blitz//Berlin

Toronto based composers Blitz//Berlin first met the year after high school, and began touring in punk bands together shortly after, growing to produce underground electronic music. The band had their first break into the mainstream by composing the critically acclaimed score for the 2014 feature film, Extraterrestrial. Since then, Blitz has released a mixtape and several singles, garnering early buzz around the release of their debut album, Distance (out TODAY via Wax Records). The album is available now on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify.

“We really enjoy making music for movies,” says vocalist Martin Macphail. “It’s a completely different way to approach writing – you can kind of throw out the rule book, as long as what you do works well in a scene. I find it really inspiring to work that way. We wanted this album to feel kind of fun and reckless. If we’ve done it right, listening through should feel like a soundtrack to a very strange film.”

Distance was recorded over the winter of 2015, and spans a wide range of tempos, atmospheres and topics. The album is an opus of lush electronic texture and shifting rhythms, surrounding a personal and honest lyrical story of displacement and loss in the modern hyper-connected world.

Cold Open
Dead Channels
The Dream
Jesus Shoes
What Did They See?
Lower Third
God Rays


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