Jessie Ware “Remember Where You Are” Video

Jessie Ware Releases Music Video for "Remember Where You Are." The track is off her current release What’s Your Pleasure?
Jessie Ware "Remember Where You Are."

Jessie Ware has releases a new video for “Remember Where You Are,” the latest single off her current release What’s Your Pleasure? album which sees the singer and songwriter team up with director Dominic Savage and British actress Gemma Arterton.

Having first become friends after Gemma appeared as a guest on Jessie’s Table Manners podcast, Jessie and Gemma developed the video concept as a love letter to a desolate London during lockdown. Co-produced by Gemma’s production company Rebel Park Productions and executive produced by Jessie, the short film beautifully captures feelings of isolation and loneliness, while radiating hope for a future of togetherness.

Shot and directed across an evening and the dawn of Valentine’s Day by acclaimed director Dominic Savage, the video sees Gemma Arterton wandering around deserted London streets. It’s a snapshot of our present world with tomorrow’s sunrise offering a glimmer of hope and joy and serves as a reminder of the vibrant London life we will soon return to.

“It was a real pleasure to collaborate with Jessie and Gemma on this short film that is inspired by Jessie Ware’s beautiful music. It was also inspired by the real feeling that was felt when we filmed in the deserted streets of eerily strange lockdown London on a Saturday night/Sunday morning,” Dominic said. “The feelings and emotions in the film are a true reflection of what that felt like, and what this time invokes. Sadness, nostalgia, pain and defiance. But when we climbed Primrose Hill and the sun started to rise above the city, there was real hope and joy for a future that will surely be ours. Listening to Jessie’s music. There is no doubt of that.”

Speaking about the song and video, Jessie said: “This song has always meant a lot to me and I was determined for other people to hear it and for it to be single. I am so touched by how many people have embraced this song, particularly when it’s one of your favourite actresses and an acclaimed film director. Working with Gemma, Dominic and their team has been an absolute joy. To have them realise my song with a beautiful ode to London and the longing for human touch and interaction couldn’t be more of a compliment. It’s a truly cherished piece of work.”

On working with Jessie and the video, Gemma said: “Jessie’s track feels like an anthem for the extraordinary times we have been living through. We wanted the video to be at once a love letter to locked down London; a remembrance of what our wonderful city was and will be again, and a snapshot of this present moment: coming out of loneliness and darkness and stepping into light and a more hopeful future. It has been an absolute joy working on this film. Shooting in a totally deserted central London is something I’ll never forget.”


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