“Jasmine Vine” by Boychik

"Jasmine Vine" by Boychik is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off their forthcoming self-titled release, out September 9
"Jasmine Vine" by Boychik is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Boychik AKA: Ben Levi Ross, has shared their latest single today, “Jasmine Vine”. The song takes Boychik back to the streets of their childhood neighborhood. The fragrant plant crowded familiar sidewalks and their pre-school garden, and often alleviated existential anxiety, bringing them back down to Earth. Written in two halves with the second half coming together first, the melody is one that kept coming back to Ben each time they returned to the piano. Sung with heavenly vocals over gentle piano and guitar strings, the lyrics hold some of the darkest moments of their life. Boychik explains, “The intoxicating smell was grounding in its nostalgia. I couldn’t and still can’t really believe that something that smelled that beautiful is found untouched in nature. It was, for all intents and purposes, emblematic of Goddess.” Today’s release follows previous single “Next to You.”

Amid the surrounding tumultuous world, the beautiful, natural and sweet-smelling plant is a piece of serenity even in the most difficult times. Boychik adds, “I wrote the first half of the song a few months later. In its own way, it is recounting the some of the darkest moments of my life. When trying to piece together the rest of the song, I came back to that melody that I had written months prior. I went back to the Jasmine Vine, and found Goddess in the darkest corners of my existence.”

Boychik’s, the self-titled, album chronicles the deepest parts of the multi-disciplinary artist. It necessarily brings Boychik’s queer voice and lived experiences to the forefront, bearing their heart on their sleeve, but not without bandages and bruises. “There’s a lot about the release of this record that scares me. I’ve sat on this music for many years. For a long time, writing music was a very private solitary act. But I found collaborators that created an environment for me to open up this music safely.” They continue, “Being able to expand this sound into what it is alongside Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker and Brad Oberhofer was one of the greatest joys of my life.” With such an intimate collection of music being made public, Boychik hopes the forthcoming time capsule is handled with care.


01. Dust After Rest
02. Ring The Bell
03. Bombed Out Building
04. Soft
05. Next to You
06. The Child
07. Jasmine Vine
08. Liked, Seen, Heard
09. One Last Time Around The Neighborhood
10. Wintertime

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